How To Make Your Home Pest Free On Your Own

Every single individual dreams of setting up a compact, cozy, and huge home. But the individuals don’t realize that they are allowing dangerous pests, rodents, and ants that could harm them. Even if you make your home clean regularly, there would be various spaces that remain out of your notice and to drive off the pests or to make your home pest free becomes desperate. After seeing the pests crawling back into their nest you thrive to eradicate them. Nobody likes uninvited pests into their home. So, here are some safety & Emergency pest control measures that could make your home safe and healthy. 

To practice regular cleaning

Apart from times and seasons, it is highly recommended to properly inspect your spaces and corners for any type of damage. It could arise due to pests. To make your home pest free you need to fill up the holes and seal up the gaps of windows and walls to avoid dwelling places for various pests. This regular cleaning will ensure that every area is wiped and dusted clean. 

Kitchen decluttering

Wherever there are waste items and leftover food, it would act as an ideal option for pest growing. To make your home pest free you require to clean up the food waste. You need to discard the kitchen waste in the dustbin and ensure to keep the lid closed every time. Also, make sure to wash the used dishes and don’t leave the dishes overnight. 

Bathroom drying

Damp surfaces seem to be the favorite spot for various pests and bathroom drying and daily cleaning would keep the pests away. Inspect the conditions of taps and pipes to check for any leakage. To make your home pest free you require to maintain drainage and need to seal the gates of various pests and prevent their entry. 

Checking laundry

Make sure to keep a regular check on your laundry as dirty clothes attract more pests that could cause harm to you. Instead of piling up your clothes in a laundry bag, give your clothes a gentle wash and allow them to dry in bright sunlight. By doing so, you might avoid the sudden pests that are buried underneath. So, make sure to wash off your clothes with proper care. 

Concentrate on organic solutions

There are various types of powders and sprays available in the market that are highly effective in pest control, but there is not any guarantee of its benefit on various materials of your home. To make your home pest free, you can try out various natural solutions that could act effectively. Natural remedies act as the best option to eradicate pests from your home with proper efficiency. 


It is vital to maintain the cleanliness of your home as pest destruction provides relaxation and works wonders. But, only proper care and regular cleaning could eliminate pests, insects, and spiders. Moreover, these various cleanliness tips could make your living space more healthy and your home pest-free. You can also hire the best Pest control services To Make Your home pest free.

Quick Cockroach Prevention Tips For Your Home

All kinds of pests are harmful but cockroaches can make you so sick. You can’t even imagine, they are so unhygienic and invite a lot of germs in your house that can even kill you. Cockroaches are similar to other pests. But generally most of the pests don’t cause any harm to your health. But cockroaches are a bit different and they are hard to tackle. And they cause diseases like diarrhoea and food poisoning that can lead you straight away to the hospital as in such diseases the number of blood platelets decrease and constant decrease in your platelets can lead you to death. So, today we are going to discuss tips. These tips to keep cockroaches away from you and your home, here are some tips you should follow:

Cockroach Control
Cockroach Control
  1. Remove the Moisture: Cockroaches just love the moisture. As they make their shelters there so check your house if there is any water breakout in your house please fix it as soon as possible. And make sure that your drinking water is preserved safely. If you leave it open there can be a lot and lot of impurities and germs that migrate and land over water. Those are impossible to see with naked eye so that can also make you so sick.
  2. Check the Food before purchasing: Always check your food before purchasing it from any grocery store or from any supermarket. Just check that it is airtight and whether it expires or not. Because once you buy expired food. And then you’ll check it, you’ll just throw it away so it invites cockroaches to your house. 
  3. Regular clean your kitchen: Also check that you clean your kitchen on a regular basis especially overnight after cooking dinner. Because there is some food that split over your kitchen slab, some spices that cockroaches will feed on later. Always remember to keep your leftover food in some air tight container. So, it would not get spoiled because once it gets spoiled you should throw it away as soon as possible. And always remember to throw it out of your house and in a covered dustbin that keeps cockroaches in control.
  4. Use Killer spray: Buy killer sprays from super markets that would definitely help you in Pest control. It is very simple to use, just purchase it, open the seal and spray on the corners of your house under the washbasin sink and more places where you think cockroaches can enter your home. If still you can’t control them then it’s better to call a Professional Pest Controller to handle them. It would be a bit expensive but not more than your life.


By implementing the aforementioned tips for pest removal, you will undoubtedly achieve effective and quick results in a short period of time. These methods mainly professionals suggest to everyone, making the risk of unprofessional measures almost negligible. Hope it would have benefitted you by making your work easier than before, stay updated for similar articles like this. Book Online Now or Request a Free Quote.

7 Tips To Keep Cockroaches Away From You And Your Home

With the arrival of summer, you should also get yourself prepared for professional pest control. Hence, keep cockroaches away from you or your home. Like us, many pests love to live in cool or humid conditions and cockroaches are one of those insects. So during summer cockroach infestation is very common. The time you will get to know about them or their infestation, tell them. They must have built their colony in your home. But, don’t worry, in this article we are going to talk about 7 tips to keep cockroaches away from you or your home. So, let’s start with the tip to do cockroach control:

professional pest control
professional pest control
  1. Keep your home clean: One of the easiest or simple ways to do cockroach control is to keep your home clean. Cockroaches don’t like a clean environment. They generally thrive in dirty places. So the cleaner you will keep your home the more successful you will be in doing pest inspection. This does not mean that you should only clean your home after eating your meal, lunch, or dinner. You need to keep your whole home clean and sanitize your home frequently to prevent cockroach infestation. You can easily keep your home clean by regular vacuuming or light cleaning.
  1. Remove any access points to your home: If your home has any holes or cracks, then, keeping the home clean will not work. Cockroaches will come inside your home from the loopholes and then, they will make your home or indoor environment dirty. You should inspect your to find out the wall cracks or holes. If you find any hole or crack. Then repair it or fill it with something which will not allow cockroaches to invade your home. You will successfully be able to do professional pest control.
  1.  Checkboxes, bags, or other things before bringing them into your home: If you want to do cockroach control or want to keep them away from your home. It is very important that you check any boxes, bags, or other things before you bring them inside your home. There are very high chances that cockroaches are hidden inside the bags or boxes. So you need to check them thoroughly, or they will come inside your home.
  1. Cockroach proof your yard: Cockroaches can enter inside your home from anywhere. You need to check for crevices or cracks in your yard properly. If you want to do cockroach control, then, first you need to prevent cockroaches from attacking your yard.
  1. Remove those items which cockroaches can use as shelter: Cockroaches love to stay or make their colonies in dark places or abandoned things. Mostly abandoned things are kept in the store room. So, you need to clean your store room or remove those things which can be used by cockroaches as shelter.
  1.  Limit the areas in your home where you eat: For keeping the roaches away you need to limit your eating areas. Limiting it will reduce the chances of cockroach infestation as you spill food or water everywhere in your home.
  1. Call for expert help: If you find out the infestation and it is out of your league to handle it. Then, call Natural Pest Control for help. They will knock out all the roaches from your home permanently.


So, these are the top 7 tips to keep cockroaches away from you or your home. Follow these tips or keep cockroaches away.

Is Residential Pest Control Safe and Eco-Friendly?

Pests roaming here and there cause a lot of trouble to the house and residents of the house. Their mouth droppings, faeces, saliva, dead skin can be a major blunder. So, it is always advised to be attentive to this situation and get in touch with professionals for the same. You can also try DIY methods for pest control. Children are generally susceptible to getting easily harmed from being surrounded by pests. Therefore it’s a wise option to take serious actions against these creepers and crawlers as a priority. 

Doing pest control or getting it done by professionals, an important point to consider is that it must be safe and eco friendly as well. These considerations will make your house pest free and also harmless for one and all. 

Your residential pest control will be completely safe and secure if you follow the given points:

  • Avoid harsh sprays and bunnings: Generally, whenever pests come into notice, you start rushing towards the harshest spray available at home or nearby store. But, have you even realized that those sprays can harm you big time. They are full of chemicals and also leave residue on applied surfaces. This residue may be touched and ingested by little ones. So it’s better to be very careful before spraying it.
  • Check out for allergies and diseases: It is a very important step to inform your pest controllers about any allergies of you or any other family member, especially children. This will help them to use the right products while treatment. Also, it should be kept in mind while you try any DIY methods. This may help you in choosing the right product for your home.
  • Keep your house neat and clean: Before you start pest control in the house, make sure you clean your house. Remove the toys and belongings from the places that may be sprayed or plotted for trapping the pests. You can even call professionals for this task to make the treatment more effective and result oriented.
  • Gain the knowledge of the process: If you are planning to hire a pest control company for this job. You should ask them about the process and the rates. This step will give you more knowledge about the pesticides and also the places where the experts are planning to use the products. In this case, you can also help them by informing them about the areas that are not swept or mopped. Because these products should generally be applied to less accessible rooms and areas of the house. 
  • Never believe the content of unverified websites: These kinds of websites always cause trouble and chaos. They are meant for misguiding people with uncertain things that are not being researched. So if you want more knowledge on any issues related to pests, then go through trusted and verified websites.
  • Staying or leaving the premises: This has been the biggest question for pest control ever. You must be knowing that now green and organic products are used for the treatments. They are organic and odour free. So it is easy for you and your children to stay home during the process. These products are non-hazardous and eco-friendly. So go for the company that offers eco-friendly pest control near you. It will be safe and completely secure for you and your loved ones.

What can parents do before and after pest control treatments?

There are various things that parents can do for their children and old age people before planning a pest control program. This will save your children from any hazardous effects that may be caused due to the sprays and pellets used for the process. 

  • You just need to be a bit quick in cleaning the house and keeping all the objects at bay. 
  • If you opt for a professional’s help, then you can ask for safety sheets and reports. These sheets have all the information about the chemicals, precautions, type of process, and even certifications. So you can check it for post-treatment precautions that you should keep after getting pests control done. 
  • It is always advised to hire professionals for this job as a common man may not have tools and information like the experts.

Need Professional Pest Control Experts? We Can Help You

By now, you must have understood that there is no harm in getting pest control done in residential space. The modernization of equipment and environmentally friendly products have revolutionized the thinking and procedures big time. You should look for an organic pest control company like Pest Control Coogee. We can help you in all aspects to make your premises safe and protected against all kinds of pests.