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Possums are one of the most cunning ones that can make a lot of noise when nobody is around them. As a result of their noise, people are unable to get a good night’s sleep. And they may have headaches and other problems. So, to protect yourself and your family’s health, call our possum removal expert team at 02 3813 8690

We at Pest Control Coogee offer safe and optimal removal of possum pests from your property. Moreover, we possess all the necessary advanced tools to remove possums. 

Moreover, we are a certified and licensed possum removal Coogee company. Thus, we believe in offering effective and productive possum pest control services at a competitive rate. As a result, our service can easily be accessible to everyone. So, let’s put an end to possum pests interfering with your peace of mind. Therefore, call us, and then our team will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Symptoms of a possum infestation

There is a lot of sign available through which you can identify whether your premises is possum infested or not. In addition, these symptoms are as follow: 

  • Sounds of screeching: Possums make the noise of screeching. In addition, mother possums make clicking or lip-smacking sounds to call their babies. Hence, if you hear any kind of noise, then immediately get in touch with us. 
  • Scratching Sounds: Possums make a lot of scratching sounds especially when they are nesting. As a result, these sounds will be louder and make you feel uneasy. Therefore, if you hear rippling and sculpting sounds, that means your property is overrun by possums.
  • Unpleasant odour: Furthermore, the most common way to find out whether your home is possum-infested or not. Thus, by feeling an unpleasant odour all time around the house. Furthermore, the fragrance of a dead possum is unbearable.
  • Pet food: Possums pests are mainly attracted toward the food. Thus, if you observe food particles lying on the floor all over the house. Then, it means your assets are possum infested. 
  • Damage exteriors: Moreover, a possum is also able to damage the exterior area of your premises. Thus, if you observe damaged gutter systems, eaves, etc. Then this means your belongingness is possum infested. 

Importance of taking possum removal service in Coogee

Possum is a common pest in Coogee, Australia. Thus, they can cause a wide range of problems which are mentioned below. So, every homeowner should take a possum removal service to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

  • Possums are capable enough to destroy your beautiful garden. 
  • In addition, they can create mess by spreading garbage around the premises. 
  • Moreover, your loving pets might get irritated because of having possums.
  • Furthermore, they have the potential to destroy your home.
  • And also possums can spread many diseases. 

Excellent possum removal procedure we follow

Taking a proper and planned strategy in removing the possum will generate happy results. Thus, our team will ensure to take all the safety measures before commencing the work. 

  • Possums inspection: In the very first stage, our possum catcher will examine your possum infested area both inside and outside. After that, we will discuss the appropriate treatment with its complete service cost.  
  • Removing entry points: Once you select the plan, our skilled experts will start eliminating all the root causes of possum nestings. As a result, this step will help in protecting your home from further damage.
  • Pesticides Traps, and Baits: following that, our experienced experts will install baits and will set up the possum trapper station to catch the possums. Moreover, all the pesticides utilized during the treatment are non-toxic as well as chemical-free. 
  • Dead possum removal: our professionals are also trained to remove dead possums from your premises. So, if you find any dead smelling possum, call us.
  • Prevention & Follow-up: In the end, our professionals will also tell you some useful home remedies to protect your assets from possum pests and insects in the upcoming days. Also, we suggest you follow up services if needed. 

Top 8 reasons for choosing our Possum Removal Coogee team

Our company is the finest company providing safe and quick possum removal service in Coogee. Hence, we assist countless people of Coogee and make their property free from unwanted pests. Thus, you can receive numerous perks by hiring our possum removalists team such as: 

  • Disciplined and customer-friendly possum removal experts. 
  • Rapid and 24*7 assistance.
  • Available around the clock to the clients
  • Most up to date possum removal technology
  • No interest rate
  • Also available on weekends and public holidays.
  • Same day and emergency possum removal services are also available. 
  • Skilled professionals with ecological solutions.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How far must a possum be relocated?

According to us, you should relocate the possum pests 25 miles away from your residence. Otherwise, they will be able to return to your premises as soon as possible.

  1. Is removing possums against the law?

Yes, authorization is required to remove or relocate a possum; you will not be able to do so without it. Furthermore, our company is completely licensed and insured to remove possums. As a result, we consistently provide a trustworthy Possum Removal service in Coogee.

  1. Is your possum removal service affordable? How can I schedule an appointment?

Yes, our possum removal service cost is fair and reasonable. As we do not believe in burning the pocket of customers. Instead of this, we ensure to provide high-quality service. Moreover, you can book us by calling the helpline number.